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Check Your Visual Acuity

  Take 3 large steps back from your computer screen (approximately 3 meters).
  Close your left eye and read the alphabets on the chart with your right eye.
  Repeat step 2 by reading the alphabets with your left eye.

If you have any trouble reading any of the alphabets above contact your local ophthalmologist or you may click here to make an appointment with us for a comprehensive vision examination, which will include testing for Glaucoma and Color Vision as routine.

If you didn't have any trouble reading any of the above alphabets - your visual acuity seems to be good - but this does not necessarily mean that there is a lack of refractive error or pathology, especially if you are over 40. It is still important to have your eyes checked regularly to ensure and maintain ocular health!

Note: The Visual Acuity Test depends on the size of the screen / monitor, also remember this test will depend on the size, brightness level of your monitor screen and surrounding room illumination.