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Frequently Asked Questions

Will not wearing glasses increase my power ?
No. Your power will increase just the way nature intends, whether you wear glasses or not. But it is recommended that you wear glasses for better vision & comfort.

Will my child’s glasses power keep on increasing with advancing age?
Not necessarily. Whether your child’s glasses power increases or not is really not predictable. There is no fixed guideline, it varies from person to person.

Will specific foodstuff / nutrition improve vision/ reduce glasses power?
A normal, healthy balanced diet is normally sufficient to keep eyes healthy and there is no need for additional supplementary nutrition. Plenty of fruits, green vegetables and liquor tea are known to contain high amount of antioxidants that are beneficial for good eye health.

Could my child’s power increase due to watching TV and playing computer games?
Not really. However, these activities should be restricted to not more than an hour or two a day, to avoid eye strain.

My profession involves long hours of computer usage a day – could it harm my eyes?
Not directly, but indirectly. Computer Vision Syndrome is a known ocular complication affecting anyone who uses more than 2 hours of computers a day. Periodic Computer Vision Syndrome check ups are recommended.

My neighbour uses an eye drop for control of cataract – can I use it?
Till date, there has not been any medicine for either control or removal of cataract. Surgical removal of cataract with artificial Intra Ocular Lens implantation is the only known solution for treatment of cataracts.