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Patient Testimonials

Posted : Shukla Chattopadhyay on Jul 27 2016

Salute to technology...the advancement in medical science! I had micro phaco surgery on my right eye on Tuesday, 12th July and on my left eye on Friday, 15th July and I can only say I'm truly blessed! Surgery without any pain whatsoever, during or afterwards...and no pain killers needed either. No restrictions of any sort...can see the brave new world, bright and clear. I have been fine from Day One I thank God. I thank the wonderful surgeon, Dr. Amitava Biswas and the entire team at Sunetra Family Eye Care Centre for a great experience.

Posted : Mr Ramgopal Lakhotia on Apr 26 2016

“Thankyou for your skill, care and concern. Faith in a bird that sees the light when the dawn is still dark.”

Posted : Amal Ghose on Apr 25 2016

“Overall a worthwhile experience. Very efficient staff!”

Posted : Nirmal Mishra on Apr 24 2016

“I am impressed by your clinic on my first visit. I have registered and hope to get satisfactory treatment. Staff are very helpful.”

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